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About BSOV Token (BSOV)
**BSOV Token Overview:** Fight Peacefully Against Fiat Inflation The BSOV Community stands against the inflationary risk and centralization issues spearheaded by the world's central banks and promotes the BSOV Token as a peaceful protest. BSOV is used as a hedge against inflation due to its deflationary mechanism. **Characteristics & Use Cases - PoW Mining:** BSOV, or BitcoinSoV, is a unique crypto commodity designed for proof-of-work (PoW) mining. It's underpinned by Ethereum and functions as a hedge against the inflationary tendencies of traditional fiat currencies, positioning itself as a digital store-of-value. **Deflationary Feature:** One of BSOV's distinct attributes is its built-in deflationary mechanism. When BSOV tokens are transacted, 1% of the amount is automatically destroyed, even during exchanges on dApps like Uniswap. However, simply holding the tokens will not result in any burns. Over time, this feature can potentially limit the overall supply, making BSOV even rarer as its usage and popularity grow. **Community Initiative - SovCube Timelocking Contract:** The BSOV community has introduced the SovCube Timelocking Contract, which allows token holders to voluntarily lock their BSOV. This locked amount is gradually reintroduced to the market, further promoting stability and scarcity.

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Posted by: NonKYC @ 11/4/2023, 12:59:41 PM GMT